They like us. They really like us! Don’t take our word for our commitment to customer satisfaction, read what these happy customers say about our work:

Wow! Wow! The on-hold production, it came out perfect! What great voices you both have!! Everybody loves it and we even had a couple of customers complimenting!
Dave Schuelke, Schuelke Plumbing
Based on the quality, affordable cost, level of service and resulting “end product”, On Hold Advertising gets an A+!
Ron Prechtl, The #2 Century 21 Agent in the World (1993)
We are delighted with the On-Hold Advertising production you did for our office. While no one likes to be put on-hold, we have received a lot of positive feedback from callers who are impressed with the informative on hold messages. Thanks for creating another positive way to promote our company.
Brenda Workman, Prudential CA Realty
Thank you. You guys did a very professional job. You know how on-board airplanes they announce what to do if the aircraft lands on water and how one should slide down the chute? They almost make it sound like it is fun to do. Well, your emergency roof leak announcement was so good that it is going to lead callers to believe that they’re doing a fun thing. This is a compliment.
Steve Barkodarian, Fidelity Management
Wow! I seriously want to hire these guys now, they sound amazing. I cannot wait to refer you more business.
Michael Bremmer,